Priory Maze and Gardens are set within 10 acres, and consists of various themed gardens, and the hedge maze. The natural feel of the gardens, and the diverse plant habitat it provides, in turn creates a perfect habitat for a wide range of mammals, birds, and insects. We have resident pheasants, woodcock, snipe, kingfisher and goldcrests, along with many other regulars. We have also recently seen waxwings, firecrest, crossbills and tree creepers. The wildflower meadow provides habitat for countless moths and and other insects during mid summer, and in the early summer, we have bee orchids and the common marsh orchid in abundance.

The main stream and pond area was created about 15 years ago, but the rest of the garden has been created from cleared jungle and woodland over the last 10 years. By using mature plants, such as Tasmanian tree ferns and lime tolerant Rhododendrons, which are in turn supported by an incredibly fertile soil, the effect looks very well established.

Wild Flower Meadow

The meadow and banks give a summer long display of colour. The early camassias followed by cowslips, gradually build up to its peak in mid July, when the bank is in full splendour. We are currently adding to this meadow, so it should be better than ever.

Ponds and Streams

We have a unique advantage in what is predominately a sandy soil area, in that we have constant running water throughout the garden. The several small waterfalls and weirs provide that essential sound of water needed to complete any garden. The masses of arum lilies along the length of the stream provides a spectacular display from Easter to mid-July. With the various willows, massive gunnera and other waterside plants, there is season round interest. The two ponds provide the further tranquillity of larger expanses of water. This is many visitors favourite garden, and its not difficult to see why!

Pine Walk

A very wild and natural area, we have introduced hellebores and narcissi in whites and pinks in the early season to pinks of hardy begonia and mature hydrangea.

Winter Garden

This garden is beautiful in the winter and spring months. The plain leaved and variegated hollies, skimmia, and many others are so beautiful around this time that we actually use them to make our homemade Christmas wreaths, which are very popular.

Herb and Aromatic Gardens

These two separate gardens provide the opportunity to see herbs in another form other than on the spice rack. A lot of herbs are worthy of border planting in their own right. The aromatic garden, and its extension will give you pleasant and sometimes not so pleasant aromas.

Romantic Garden

Full of Tasmanian Tree Ferns and Bamboo, this garden is also currently having a few additions to it. We will be introducing more colour to this lovely corner of our gardens.

Riviera Garden

With huge Verbascum towering over the shingle pathway, this beautiful path leads up to the ‘living hut’.