The Maze & Gardens

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Priory Maze

Can you find your way out?

Planted in the late 80’s, this 7 foot tall maze is based on the adjacent ruins of Beeston Priory.

The copper beech copies the layout of the priory and the hornbeam infills create the maze.

As this is not a symmetrical maze, there is no middle, instead there is a viewing platform giving visitors a chance to try and plot their way out.

Priory Maze from above
Priory Maze & Gardens Fern Walk

The Fern Walk

Full of Tasmanian Tree Ferns and bamboo, this garden is full of shade loving plants. With a gentle stream meandering through, there is an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

Norfolk Riviera Garden

Norfolk Riviera Garden

A gravel path with towering verbascum leads to the ‘Living Hut’. This is an area where drought tolerant plants thrive, we very rarely need to water this area. 

Priory gardens

10 Acres of peace and Tranquility in North Norfolk

Walk. Relax. Enjoy

We are situated in a mild micro climate, with the Beeston bump sheltering our gardens from the harsh winds Northern winds, we are able to successfully grow a magnificent array of plants. 

Priory Maze Winter Garden

Winter Garden

This garden is beautiful in the winter and spring months. We use foliage from here to make our popular Christmas wreaths. 

Priory Maze Meadow Stream Garden

Meadow Stream Garden

The Beeston Beck runs through our gardens, producing babbling brooks next to the endless woodlands and meadows.

Pine Walk Playground

The Pine Walk

A very wild and natural area, and it is home to a new playground underneath the pine trees. 

The Garden Gallery

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Areas for Kids

Other than finding their way through the maze, you can tire your little ones out by crawling through hobbit holes and racing down slides by the Meadow Stream Garden. We have introduced a play area in the Pine Walk, and children have the opportunity to explore and learn about aqueous creatures in our pond dipping area.